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0303000 SPECIALTY "Hygiene and epidemiology»
qualifications 0303013 "Hygienist-epidemiologist".

    Training in the specialty "Hygiene and epidemiology" in the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College has been carried out since 1975. Training period-2 years 10 months. After graduation, graduates are awarded the qualification 0303013 "Hygienist-epidemiologist". The specialist "Hygienist-epidemiologist" carries out his professional activity in sanitary-preventive institutions, disinfection stations, the center for prevention and fight against AIDS, anti-plague stations and in medical institutions as an epidemiologist. In accordance with the requirements of SES RK specialist hygienist-epidemiologist has the right to hold the position of assistant sanitary doctor, epidemiologist (parasitologist), assistant entomologist, instructor-disinfector, instructor of health education.
   The graduate of medical College incumbent: hygienic and epidemiological inspection of objects with the preparation of the certificate of inspection; preparation of the Protocol on sanitary violations; carry out sampling of foodstuffs, water, soil, air, raw materials, products, items and materials for laboratory investigations; the requirement of compulsory hospitalization of infectious patients and bacteria carriers in accordance with applicable law.
   Theoretical classes are held in special classrooms of the College. Practical classes are held in the offices of practical training in this specialty. On the basis of DOOZ of Uralsk the educational office for practical training is equipped.
   For conducting classes there is a necessary educational and methodical literature. To ensure high-quality training of specialists in the College operates a computer room equipped with computers and copying equipment, there is access to the Internet.
   The educational process is carried out by 17 full-time teachers, 9 of them have the highest and the first category (53%). All teachers have appropriate basic education. Over the past five years, the coverage of advanced training is 59%.
   According to the current SES RK specialty "Hygiene and epidemiology" in the College deployed 19 classrooms and 3 laboratories equipped with the necessary equipment, visual AIDS, according to the approximate table of equipment.
   Teachers are widely used modeling of professional activities in the learning process. Annually held the week subject hygienic disciplines. During the week of hygienic disciplines students hold round tables, conferences, professional competitions, sanitary and educational work among students of the medical College.
   Groups actively participate in subject weeks in the specialty, brain-rings, KVN, health Days, College sports events and events of the city, etc.
   Every year among the students of the 3rd year there is a competition "the Best in profession", with the invitation of representatives of practical health care, as well as subject weeks in all hygienic disciplines. Future epidemiologists are holding a round table "prevention of tuberculosis" in the framework of the city event with the invitation of students from other colleges.
   At the Department there are subject circles on special subjects "Epidemiologist" and "Hygienist", in which the circles conduct research work and take prizes at the final conferences.
   The College operates a medical center, which produces the whole range of medical activities to support the learner during the whole training period (clinical examination, medical examination specialists, vaccinations, referral for x-ray screenings, annual physicals).
   Students of the Department participate in actions "Mercy", go to boarding schools, homes for the elderly, engaged in the promotion of healthy lifestyles, prevention of social behavior among young people.
   Together with teachers, students participate in scientific conferences, competitions of sanitary bulletins, spend educational hours on topics such as" HIV-AIDS", " Drugs-no!", "Quit", "We are for healthy lifestyle", etc. All helping them to learn the skills education, recreation activities, practical skills for the preservation of health, creating understanding of a healthy lifestyle.
   One of the key tasks is the organization of employment of graduates and securing them in the workplace. Graduates of the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College are in demand in the labor market of the city and region.
   Every year in April, with the participation of representatives of the Regional health Department, representatives of medical organizations of the city and districts on the basis of the medical College held a "job Fair" in the specialty of graduates.
   Recent years, the employment of graduates of the College consistently account for more than 85 per cent.

Employment of College graduates for 5 years





Quantity work

Percent of employments


0303000 - "Hygiene and epidemiology" with qualification 0303013 "Hygienist-epidemiologist".




     62,5 %

















Monitoring of graduates ' arrival to the place of employment in the specialty 0303000 - "Hygiene and epidemiology" with qualification 0303013 "Hygienist – epidemiologist".

Branch manager
"Hygiene and Epidemiology"
Uteulieva Dana Zabukhanovna




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