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Happy new year 2020!!!

   In the New Year-this holiday of renewal, I sincerely want to wish everyone new successes, achievements, achievements, wonderful discoveries and triumph in all things!

   Let 2020 bring us only a lot of positive and pleasant events! I wish that next year will bring us as many joys as there are days in the year. 

    Dear colleagues, in the New Year I would like to wish you professional and creative success, mutual understanding and respect in the team, and worthy rewards for your work.

    I wish you health, prosperity, and family well-being! Happy New Year!

 Director of the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College Irmenov K. M.


Contact phone numbers of the permanent regional Call center for education, created at the Center for support of children in difficult situations of The Department of education: 8 (7112) 31-23-38 and 87471127407, callcenteredu@qmail.com



The mission of the College is the organization of high quality technical and vocational education, through innovation, active and equal cooperation with leading domestic and foreign organizations of health and education, the integration of the interests of the employer, College and students, the formation of professionally competent, harmoniously developed personality, education of a citizen who is able to comprehend, put and solve the problems of society, taking into account social, ethical, cultural, environmental aspects, to be tolerant, morally responsible employee, easily adaptable in the team, ready to work in a competitive environment, demanded by the modern labor market.

The basis of the formation of the mission, goals and objectives of the College is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Code of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On education", "State program of education development in Kazakhstan for 2012-2020 years", State program "Densaulyk", SES and other normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Educational work:

1.  Bring in accordance with the SES material and technical base of classrooms of General subjects.

2.   Continue the implementation of Informatization of the educational process (replenishment of classrooms with electronic manuals, textbooks, didactic and evaluation materials, including the use of computer programs).

3.   Introduce a rating system of evaluation of achievements of students (implementation of scoring and credit system of the applied bachelor's degree).

4.   Continue to work to improve the system of monitoring and evaluation of the quality of the educational process on the basis of the principles of openness, objectivity, transparency, social and professional participation.

Scientific and methodical work:

1.   To activate the research work of teachers (participation in grants, projects (including international and national level), scientific conferences.

2.   Provide methodological support for students ' participation in competitions, scientific conferences.

3.   Create organizational conditions for professional development and training of employees

4.   To diversify forms of improvement of professional competence of employees on the basis of College

5.   Continue to modernize the content, forms of education, educational technologies through the effective use of modern information and telecommunication equipment, the introduction of active and interactive methods of education and training.

Educational work:

Formation of personally and professionally significant qualities necessary for life in modern society and effective social professional activity, the development of the need for continuous personal and professional self-improvement.

2. Creation and development of educational systems of educational institutions, contributing to the formation of a free, physically healthy, spiritual rich, moral personality.

3.   Education on the basis of stable traditions of ethnic and religious tolerance formed in the Kazakh society;

Formation of young people's skills to counter various forms of ethno-religious extremism and radicalism penetrating into Kazakhstan from the outside.

 Maximum development of young people, their creative abilities, General educational skills, self-knowledge and self-education, contributing to the further development and self-realization and socialization of the individual.

Administrative and economic work:

1.   Create conditions for the implementation of the College, providing comprehensive security of participants in the educational process that meets the requirements of SES implemented specialties.

2.   Ensure the implementation of energy saving and energy efficiency.

Professional practice:

1.   To improve interaction with social partners (employers) in order to harmonize the content of training that meets the needs of the real sector of the economy.

2.   To develop a mechanism for monitoring the employment of graduates, as well as to improve career guidance work with graduates for the purpose of employment in the specialty for three years after graduation from College.

3.   Continue to work to improve the attractiveness and prestige of the medical profession (including through competitions of professional skills in all departments).

Financial and economic activities:

The main purpose of financial and economic activities of the College is to increase and use financial resources for the effective development of the College and maximize profits.

     2. The task of financial and economic activities of the College-the formation of complete and accurate information about the financial situation, the prevention of negative results of economic activity.

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