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Happy new year 2020!!!

   In the New Year-this holiday of renewal, I sincerely want to wish everyone new successes, achievements, achievements, wonderful discoveries and triumph in all things!

   Let 2020 bring us only a lot of positive and pleasant events! I wish that next year will bring us as many joys as there are days in the year. 

    Dear colleagues, in the New Year I would like to wish you professional and creative success, mutual understanding and respect in the team, and worthy rewards for your work.

    I wish you health, prosperity, and family well-being! Happy New Year!

 Director of the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College Irmenov K. M.


Contact phone numbers of the permanent regional Call center for education, created at the Center for support of children in difficult situations of The Department of education: 8 (7112) 31-23-38 and 87471127407, callcenteredu@qmail.com


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Preventive day — the last day of each month.

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